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      Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University (HBAU), one of the public universities in Heilongjiang province, was founded in July 1958, with former Vice President of P. R. China, then Minister of Agriculture, General Wang Zhen serving as its first president. It used to be under administration of Minister of Agriculture. Since 1973, HBAU has been under administration of Heilongjiang provincial government. With its long history of education and profound cultural background, after 63-year construction and development, HBAU has become a multi-subject comprehensive agricultural university with its focus on advantageous agricultural disciplines, which is an irreplaceable and important base for talent-cultivating and scientific innovation for provincial agricultural and rural development.  

      HBAU was founded in the midst of historical circumstances when tens of thousands of demobilized soldiers were deployed to explore the Great Northern Wilderness. The original site of the university is located in the rural area of Peide Town, Mishan City, where the university has inherited and carried forward the pioneer spirit, overcome tremendous hardship, and struggled to develop a road of self-improvement for the first 45 years. In 2003, HBAU was relocated to Daqing City and has since entered a new era of rapid development with great strides. Over the years, the university has gradually formed its own school motto: working hard, dedication, pursing the truth, and shouldering burdens while carrying on. It has received wide acclaim from the community for its excellent school ethos and contribution to the society.

      HBAU is currently located in Daqing High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, covering a total area of 1.2 million square meters, with a total building area of 407,000 square meters. The total assets of the university have reached 1.34 billion yuan, including teaching and research equipment that are worth 336 million yuan, and the collection of the university library is over 2 million books and journals. HBAU currently employs 1,467 faculty and staff members including 953 full-time teachers, among them 183 are professors, and 269 associate professors. 375 of the faculty members have earned doctoral degrees, accounting for 39.3%; and 133 teachers have studied overseas for at least one year, accounting for 14.0%. HBAU is currently home to a number of teachers and scholars with high—level titles, which formed well balanced, excellent quality, vigorous and high level teaching faculty, with the representative of Yangtze River Scholar, the Thousand Talents Plan, Ten—thousand Talents Plan, LongJiang Scholar,Outstanding Contribution to Middle-aged and Young Experts at the national level and National Excellent Teachers.Relying on the strong discipline strength and advantageous teaching and research resources, HBAU insists on the university-running concept of “Taking serving local economic and social development as its mission”. HBAU has a leading team for the research and development of green production and food deep processing technology of coarse grains in Heilongjiang Province, 3 provincial teaching teams, 6 provincial leading talent echelons, 21 leading talent echelons of the General Administration of Agricultural Reclamation, and 4 scientific and technological innovation universities teams of Heilongjiang Province.

      HBAU is composed of 12 colleges, Marxist College, Physical Education and Research Department, College of Further Education and other teaching institutions. HBAU offers bachelor, master and doctoral degrees, involving agriculture, engineering, management, science, law, literature and economics disciplines. HBAU has 3 post-doctoral research mobile stations and 1 post-doctoral research workstation, with 4 doctorate disciplines and 11 master disciplines, involving 7 master professional degree authorization categories. The university offers 52 undergraduate programs, including 3 national-level specialty programs and 9 provincial key specialties,5 national first-class majors and 19 provincial first-class majors. HBAU recruits students from 24 provinces and regions across the country. Currently there are more than 16,000 full-time undergraduate students and 2,000 graduate students enrolled in various programs. Since its establishment, the school has trained 130,000 graduates and more than 500,000 technical personnel.


      HBAU focuses on promoting teaching reform, and as a result, the quality of personnel training has been continuously improving. The university has been granted a series of prominent projects: including 1 comprehensive reform pilot project for a national specialty program, 2 national-level education reform programs for agricultural and forestry personnel training (covering 7 majors), 1 national new engineering research and practice project, 4 national new agricultural science research and reform practice projects, as well as 3 comprehensive reform projects for provincial specialty programs, 5 provincial-level education reform projects for agricultural personnel training, 2 provincial-level research and practice projects for new engineering,2 new provincial agricultural science research and reform practice projects and 3 new provincial liberal arts research and reform practice projects. The university has also been approved to build 2 national level  experimental teaching demonstration centers and 1 off-campus practical education base, 5 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 provincial-level virtual simulation experimental teaching demonstration center and 3 off-campus practical education bases.It has 1 national first-class course, 15 provincial first-class courses and 3 provincial online and offline excellent courses,246 National College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship training programs and 567 provincial-level programs were approved. In 2019, it was approved as a characteristic application-oriented undergraduate demonstration university in Heilongjiang Province. In 2020, it was approved as a demonstration university for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in Heilongjiang Province and a demonstration university for curriculum ideological and political construction in Heilongjiang Province. The employment rate of graduates has always been in the forefront of provincial colleges and universities. In 2015, HBAU was authorized the title of “Top 50 Universities” in China for best employment rate.


      HBAU places its research focus on applied research and technology development. It is home to a number of high-level scientific research facilities including the National Coarse Cereal Engineering Research Centre, New Rural Development Research Institute, Engineering Technology Research Centre for Agri-food By-product Utilization, and Agricultural Product Processing Quality Inspection and Testing Centre (DaQing), as well as other 7 provincial key laboratories and engineering technology research and development centers. The University cooperates with the reclamation area and the local governments to jointly build 8 innovative scientific and technological bases including "JianSanjiang Rice Industry Innovation Research Institute", "Jiusan Soybean Industry Innovation Research Institute", "Daqing Facility Agriculture Research Institute", "Mudanjiang Food and Biotechnology Innovation Research Institute", "MiShan Old Campus Scientific Research Institute", "Daqing National Agricultural Science and Technology Zone", "Anda Agricultural Science and Technology Zone" and "University Science and Technology Zone". Since the 13th-five-year plan, the university has undertaken 350 national, provincial and ministerial projects, and the scientific research funds of departments at all levels have summed up to a total of 303 million (the vertical project funds have increased by 13 million). Since its establishment, the university has achieved more than 1,750 scientific research achievements, 7 national scientific and technological progress awards and 180 provincial and ministerial awards.A number of major scientific research achievements have been effectively transformed in production practice, creating huge economic and social benefits. HBAU has successively won the "Special Award of Governor of Heilongjiang Province" for three times, the "Prize of Invigorating Economy of Universities and Research Institutes of Heilongjiang Province" for two times, and the first prize of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Award for 10 times.

      HBAU is actively seeking the opportunity to cooperate with foreign institutions. So far, the university has established cooperation with nearly 30 universities and research institutes in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, France, Poland, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and India. Currently, the school implements joint cooperative education programs with Vladivostok National Economic Service University in Russia, and student exchange programs with Gangneung-Wonju National University in South Korea,  Yamagata University in Japan, Universiti Putra in Malaysia, Kharkov Institute of urban planning in Ukraine, as well as master study program with Poznan University of Life Sciences in Poland. HBAU also works with University of Alberta in Canada and University of Agriculture Sciences in India to implement “China-Canada Food Research and Development Center” project and the “China-India Cereal Engineering Research Centre” project.

      The university has always regarded the Great Northern Wilderness Spirit as the most valuable spiritual wealth and consciously integrated the Northern Wilderness Spirit into the whole process of running the university and educating people. At present, the university has established the learning base, practice training base, research centre and exhibition hall of   the Northern Wilderness Spirit. It gives full play to the advantages of geography, talents and scientific research resources, adheres to making good use of red resources, carrying forward red traditions and inheriting red genes, and has produced a lot of achievements. A number of influential cultural achievements such as China on the Black soil and Quench the Wasteland have cultivated a large number of new talents who know and love agriculture with the brand of the spirit of the Great Northern Wilderness.

      HBAU will adhere to the core philosophy of “Educating People, Quality First, Advocating Academic Development, and Characteristic Development” with establishing morality and cultivating people as the fundamental task, serving the comprehensive revitalization of Heilongjiang province and China’s agricultural modernization, taking the integrated development of industry and education as the guidance and quality improvement as the core, focuses on improving the connotation development level and comprehensive strength of the University, and is striving to construct a high-level teaching and research agricultural university with unique characteristics.

      Copyright Reserved by Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University (HBAU)

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      Address: #5 Xin Feng Street Gao Xin District Daqing Heilongjiang

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